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Another Planned Parenthood Megaclinic

by | Aug 19, 2011

NRLC President and PLP Host Carol Tobias

As we’ve reported many times in National Right to Life News and National Right to Life News today, there is a growing trend at the nation’s abortion giant, Planned Parenthood: take their small facilities and turn them into megaclinics which have the ability to grow their already massive abortion business. (Remember, according to their own numbers, Planned Parenthood is already performing more than 25% of all abortions annually in the United States.)  As National Right to Life President Carol Tobias discusses today on Pro-Life Perspective, the latest such megaclinic is slated for Oregon.

You can listen in at  Pro-Life Perspective, NRLC’s daily radio show, is a great way to get some of the latest news and insights affecting the right to life movement.  It only takes five minutes to listen – and just a few extra minutes to share the latest with your friends and neighbors.

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