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Are We Better Informed Than 10 Years Ago?

by | Aug 18, 2011

You can be on Pro-Life Issues, Thanks to NRLC

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. My family is on vacation. While we are gone I’ll be running articles from the past 12 months that you’ve indicated you particularly enjoyed. Dave

There have been some fascinating reports over the last couple of weeks about how informed we supposedly are, and how we get that way. Since it suggests something about how you may be utilizing some of the resources NRLC is providing, I think you’ll find it worth discussing.

On September 12, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press published “Americans Spending More Time Following the News: Ideological News Sources: Who Watches and Why” ( There’s lots to chew on but let’s take just two bites.

In 2010, on a given day, Americans still got the 57 minutes worth of news from television, newspapers, or radio just as they did in 2000, only now they also tap into the Web for another 13 minutes worth of news goodies. “A mere 26 percent of those surveyed said they read a newspaper in print the previous day, down from 38 percent in 2006–a sobering drop, to be sure.” wrote the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz. “But the decline was partially offset by the Web sites that newspapers are fashioning as a lifeline to the future. When online editions are added to print readership, 37 percent of Americans say they got news from newspapers the day before, down from 43 percent in 2006.”

Last weekend Rasmussen Reports found that “two-out-of-three Americans (67%) feel they are more informed today than they were 10 years ago.” Interestingly, “Women are more confident than men that they are better informed now. Adults ages 30 to 49 believe that more strongly than those in any other age group.”

I mention these two reports to remind you of the many and varied print and electronic sources of information available from NRLC, sources that do not compete but complement one another so that you can effectively do your part on behalf of unborn babies and the medically dependent elderly. You could easily spend 57 minutes a day just reading material disseminated by NRLC!

From this smorgasbord of information you’re bound to find resources that will make you much more informed that you would have been if you’d come to NRLC ten years ago.

Just to take the ones I most directly involved in, starting with NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE NEWS, which we send out to over 360,000 people, mostly here at home but some abroad as well. If you are not receiving the “pro-life newspaper of record,” you are missing out on a resource that has kept pro-lifers informed since the fall of 1973. Our latest 32-page edition is crammed full of material–everything from the latest on the Hill, to court cases, to ObamaCare, to PPFA, to indispensable CDs from the NRLC annual convention. Don’t wait another day to subscribe. Call us at 202-626-8828, or download a form at

If you are reading this, you are already familiar with “National Right to Life News Today.” NRL News brings you depth, NRL News Today provides daily material that is terser and available instantaneously. Thanks to you sharing the links on your social networks, our readership continues to grow. To get on our email lists, go to

But don’t forget to go to the NRLC webpage: You’ll find information about virtually everything a pro-lifer could want. Joseph Landrum explains how to investigate every nook and cranny at

Take advantage of these resources. They are free, thoroughly documented, and invaluable.

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