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Coming Down to the Wire – Tomorrow’s Recall Election

by | Aug 9, 2011

Editor’s note. The following was sent out this morning by Wisconsin Right to Life. There is then an additional paragraph I tacked on that explains just how much money leading pro-abortion organizations are expending, information provided by a website sympathetic to “progressive” causes.


Who would have thought the summer months would be almost a replay of the 2010 elections?!!  But here we are down to the wire with the first set of recall elections set for tomorrow, August 9 and the second set taking place on August 16.

Planned Parenthood and their allies in the pro-abortion movement are using these recall efforts as an opportunity to undo the 2010 elections and bring the State Senate under pro-abortion leadership so that Wisconsin Right to Life’s life-saving legislative agenda will be stopped dead in its tracks. Don’t let them get away with it!

At stake on tomorrow are the State Senate seats of six Republican incumbents who have supported legislation to protect the unborn and protect taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortions.  All six of these Republicans are being challenged by candidates who are staunchly pro-abortion and are endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the organization that performs most of the abortions in Wisconsin.

On August 16, two pro-abortion Democrat incumbents will face candidates who are strongly pro-life.

With so much at stake, be sure to visit our recall website at to find out about the candidates and how you can help keep our State Senate under the leadership of lawmakers who respect the sanctity of human life.  You’ll will also be able to find out if you live in one of the State Senate districts where recall elections are being held.  There is a ton of recall election information on our website.

And just to get you in the recall election mood, check out our recall election video here:


EMILY’s List is a radically pro-abortion PAC which supports only the most uncompromisingly pro-abortion female Democratic candidates: “Wisconsin WOMEN VOTE!, the state’s independent expenditure arm of the national organization, has spent nearly $265,000 on the elections so far.” And “Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin and the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Political Fund together have spent nearly $146,000”

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