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“Just Say, ‘Hello Baby'”

by | Aug 17, 2011

By Sean McMahon

Pampers recently released a revolutionary application for Apple’s iPad called “Hello Baby.” Starting at just four weeks of age, the app shows the user the baby’s growth in dynamic, life-size pictures. Touch points on the baby gives you close-up views of things like little hands and feet and allow you to listen to audio clips such as what your baby’s heartbeat might sound like! In addition, the touch points show fun information such as to what week fingerprints are fully developed.


If you are an expectant mother, the app is even more exciting! You can enter your due date and watch your baby’s projected weekly development. You can even personalize the application by adding your baby’s age, weight, gender and size. The app then allows you to chart your baby’s development. In addition, the application will show you fun facts and important changes your baby is going through, as well as the changes that are occurring in your body.

If you have more questions, the Pampers Pregnancy calendar, which has loads of information about all the stages of development, is built right into the application. “Hello Baby” even allows you to update your Facebook page right from the application so your family and friends can track your baby’s progress and be ready to say “Hello Baby!”

You can an overview of this amazing app at You can download the free app itself at

The narrator on You Tube says it all: “Your baby is amazing. Why not tell the whole world?”

Sean McMahon was an intern in the NRL Education Department

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