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NRL students: In it for the long haul

by | Aug 2, 2011

By Megan McCrum, Academy Program Director

NRL Academy students and interns on the Capitol steps with Congressman Chris Smith

As the National Right to Life Academy and NRL internship programs wind to a close, students enjoyed a special treat late last week. Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), co-chair of the Bipartisan House Pro-Life Caucus, took NRL students on to the floor of the House in the early morning hours before Congress convened.

For nearly an hour he spoke with his customary energy about his efforts throughout his 30-year tenure in Congress to protect unborn children and their mothers by defending the right to life, as he described it, the paramount human rights issue of our time. NRL students were inspired by his enduring passion for the pro-life cause.

When asked, what keeps you going in the face of such constant opposition and sometimes unbeatable odds, the Congressman’s answer was powerful in its simplicity — prayer.

By the end of this week NRL students will be scattered across the country, from Washington State to Arkansas, returning to work in their respective jobs either as students or young professionals. And they will bring to their communities the fruits of the pro-life education that has empowered them.

The curriculum of the NRL Academy is uniquely comprehensive. Over the course of the six-week-long NRL Academy program, students studied and internalized in-depth answers to the constantly recycled pro-abortion arguments as well as being equipped with arguments to defend the rights of older people and people with disabilities from the threat of euthanasia and health care rationing.

But perhaps one of the most important lessons was not taught in the classroom per se, but was imparted by the witness of the undaunted perseverance of the pro-life movement.

Through successes and setbacks, National Right to Life has worked tirelessly to protect the right to life of all human beings, born and unborn. And it is encouraging to see this bright class of students from the 2011 NRL Academy already working to continue these efforts into the future. 

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