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Pro-Life Perspective Continues its Look at Bush and Obama

by | Aug 16, 2011

Over the course of four days, National Right to Life President Carol Tobias is weaving a story by looking at the starkly different records of pro-life President George W. Bush and his radically pro-abortion successor, President Barack Obama.  As Carol notes, “The actions and decisions of the person holding the highest office in the land is critical to so much of what we do.”

Take, for example the Mexico City Policy – a policy first put in place by President Ronald Regan – which prohibits U.S. dollars from going to organizations that provide or promote abortion overseas.  President Bush reinstated the policy in his first week in office (it had been rescinded by President Bill Clinton); President Obama wasted no time in rescinded the Policy on just his second day in office.

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You can listen to today’s installment and catch up on past episodes as well.

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