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Proposed Planned Parenthood Clinic in Redwood City Still Scrambling

by | Aug 4, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Redwood City officials are holding firm in their insistence that a proposed Planned Parenthood clinic in this California town have the necessary parking spaces for patients and staff—and that there be direct confirmation of PP’s assurance that it has the nine parking spaces from a local car rental company needed to meet the requirement. Meanwhile a PP lawyer is contesting the city’s request for additional documentation.

Last month we discussed the aftermath of a decision made May 20 by the Redwood City’s planning department to grant a permit to open the abortion clinic ( The permit came with a proviso—27 parking spaces within 300 yards of the proposed clinic. Short nine spaces, PPFA assured the city it had an understanding with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to make up the difference..

“Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, the organization’s regional office, produced a signed agreement with the rental car business for the extra parking stalls,” according to Bonnie Eslinger of the Daily News. “But after Planned Parenthood informed the city recently that Enterprise now is trying to pull out of the agreement, planning officials amended the use permit to require direct confirmation of the deal from Enterprise by July 29.”

But instead of providing the confirmation, PP’s lawyer objected to the request. He acknowledged that Enterprise was contesting the agreement,  but W. Russell Davis said Planned Parenthood “believes the license agreement with Enterprise is enforceable,” Eslinger reported.

For its part, a spokesman for Enterprise told the Daily News “that the company backed out because Planned Parenthood wanted a longer-term agreement than it could provide, not because of threatened protests by abortion foes,” according to Eslinger. “She said the contract needed two signatures from Enterprise officials but only has one, so it was ‘never finalized.’”

PP is evidently looking for a fall-back option.  Davis wrote the city that Planned Parenthood “is attempting to locate an alternate site for off-site parking that would satisfy the city’s requirements.”

As for the city’s posture, City Zoning Administrator Blake Lyon the city is reviewing Planned Parenthood’s recent response and “considering potential next steps.” No timetable for a decision was given.

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