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Sober Reality for Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama

by | Aug 4, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama

The honor of being the last story for National Right to Life News Today for Thursday is a reflection of a piece that appeared in POLITICO today written by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen. The headline is “Obama’s Big Drags,” and by that they mean the collection of anchors around Obama’s ankles that no talk about how “skilled a politician” he is can magically make go away.

You read the piece in its entirety at Take a moment when you get there to listen to VandeHei who adds some additional background.

There is a delicious irony very early in the story. POLITICO is one of the many parties guilty of creating a “breezy certitude” about Obama–“that he’d most likely be reelected”–that now VandeHei and Allen now tell us “Don’t buy into it.” We’ve, of course, been saying that for well over a year, but no matter.

The baseline is “how weak his fundamentals are a year out from the general election,”  they write. “Gallup pegs his approval rating at a discouraging 42 percent, with his standing among independents falling 9 points in four weeks.” In fact, the numbers are probably worse, with no reason to believe they will get better.

They talk about all the obvious dilemmas—the economy, first and foremost—and conclude with a sober look at the electoral map. It was two months ago that we read in places like POLITICO that Obama would not only hold most, if not all, of the contested states he carried in 2008, but was foraging for new states. No longer.

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