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”Talk about a Moment of Truth”

by | Aug 5, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Melissa Ohden

I knew by the third paragraph that Joleigh Little’s riveting  story would generate a lot of attention (“A Moment of Stark Clarity”). As it turned out, I had not exaggerated how good it was.

How could it miss? Joleigh talked about kids, a mesmerizing speaker, and a setting of severe thunderstorms. And to top it all off, one of those moments in which everything becomes clear and you remember with perfect clarity why you do what you do, in season and out.

The speaker was Melissa Ohden, who miraculously (there is no other word) survived a saline abortion. That’ll grab anyone’s attention.

“I happened to look up at that moment [when Melissa was speaking] and realized that she was standing right in front of the wall where we have our baby faces display — a representation of the number of children killed by abortion every day in America,” Joleigh wrote. “There against the backdrop of more than 3,000 of the children who, like her, were targeted for death, stood this one miraculous reminder that EVERY life is precious, unique, and beyond value.”

Not to get too far away from Joleigh’s remarkable story, but can there be a more decisive dividing line—we really DO believe that every, single life is of inestimable worth. Not just the planned and the perfect, but every life.

Joleigh continued, “Then Melissa brought the truth even further into focus by drawing our attention to her daughter, Olivia, who is three.  Had the abortionist who targeted Melissa carried out his plan to take her life, not only would Melissa not be here, but Olivia never would have been, either. Talk about a moment of truth.”

Joleigh shrewdly points out how we can get lost in “the numbers and the statistics.” And we can even forget that abortion is not only about a mother and her unborn child. The impact of a decision to cut short a life stretches out for generations to come.

If you missed “A Moment of Stark Clarity,” you can read it now.  If you read Joleigh’s article, read it again ! And I hope everyone continues to

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