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A Trifecta of Bad News for Pro-Abortion President Obama

by | Sep 2, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

If it isn’t a well-known Democratic strategist James Carville hammering President Obama for an awkward power play, a CNN poll revealing that the public has little to no confidence in him as a steward of the economy, it’s the respected Quinnipiac University Poll finding that “President Barack Obama’s overall job approval rating has sunk to an all-time low, as American voters disapprove 52 – 42 percent, compared to 47 – 46 percent approval in July, and among whites and men his approval has dropped into the 30s.”

As Obama struggles to find his footing, there is mounting evidence he is approaching free-fall. To list just a couple of examples:

As you probably know, the president “coincidentally” [according to his press secretary] scheduled his address to a joint session of Congress the same night as a Republican presidential debate. Even the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza no friend of Republicans, observed that “when the White House announced  that President Obama would deliver his much-anticipated jobs speech on Sept. 7 at 8 pm — the exact same day and time that the 2012 Republican candidates are scheduled to debate in California — the idea that the timing was purely coincidental was, well, far-fetched.”

Appearing on Good Morning America this morning, Carville, said, “I do think this is a really big debate and I think the White House was out of bounds…in trying to schedule a speech during a debate.” The debate will be pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s first foray into presidential debates and Carville said the debate will be a “barn burner.”

Obama has since backed off, re-scheduling for September 8.

Analyzing the CNN/ORD poll, “All three figures for Obama’s handling of the economy [65% disapproval], the deficit [66% disapproval] and unemployment [62% disapproval] are new lows in terms of CNN polling during the Obama presidency,” writes Tim Mak.

But neither Obama’s bungling of the timing of his speech or the public’s “thumbs down” on his handling of the economy compares to the downer numbers found in the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“President Barack Obama has hit a low 42 percent approval in the past, but this is his highest disapproval rating. Ominous for him is that the share of voters who think he has strong leadership qualities has dropped from 64 – 33 percent in January to 50 – 48 percent now. Voters say 54 – 42 percent that he cares about their problems, but that is not impressive since it is a measure on which Democratic presidents historically rate well,” according to Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Ed Morrissey observes, “The internals show serious problems for Obama’s re-election.  His approval rating among the independents that were the key to his 2008 victory has sunk to 40/54, and he’s under water among both men (39/56) and women (44/49).  He only has an edge in age demographics among the youngest voters — and a weak edge at 49/43 — but has majority disapprovals among voters 35 years and older.”

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