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Column on County Fairs Generates Immediate Feedback

by | Sep 16, 2011

By Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers

On Tuesday I wrote about one of my favorite topics: County Fairs. And lickety split I received the following email, which was music to my ears. I’m hoping this response is the first of many.


Jonathan,  We had a booth at Saline County Fair, Benton, Arkansas last week.  The weather was nice and we had a lot of activity.

We have been renting a large booth with a big bright orange wall on the back.  It makes our pictures & posters show up real well.

Even if we don’t have a volunteer in the booth at all times, the displays speak for themselves.

I try to have precious feet pins (they’re always requested), wrist bands, and the soft fetal models besides the fliers and pamphlets.

And bumper stickers, petitions, etc.

I GIVE most of ‘em away, but will take donations for ‘em, of course.  When I give out wristbands, I say “It says Pro-Life.”  “Wear it proudly.”

When I give the small fetal models away to the small kids, I ask ‘em what they’re going to name it and to take good care of it.

One lady wanted several pairs of the precious feet for a ministry she has.  She gives them to other ladies who have lost a baby (like a miscarriage).

One lady was a teacher who needed the soft fetal models for her students.  (I send a handbook along with teachers).

Then there are the preachers who can use extra copies of the fliers, etc. for their members.  That way we multiply our efforts.

We have 2 different sets of fetal models for display (one on each corner of the table).  They attract SO MUCH attention from young and old.

One of my standard comments is “We all have to start someplace !!”

I took a picture of our booth but it’s 35mm film and will need to mail it if you want one.  Let me know.  

Jody Jordan, Benton, Arkansas.

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