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Council of Europe Committee Recommends Not Telling Parents Child’s Gender

by | Sep 13, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

I know next to nothing—okay, nothing—about the Council of Europe beyond what I read today. You may have read it, too.

Made up of MPs from the 47 member states, the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe’s Equal Opportunities Committee has issued a preliminary non-binding resolution that suggested all public hospital bar parents from knowing the sex of their unborn baby. The draft resolution will go before the council’s full parliamentary assembly next month.

The proposal came under withering criticism, even as opponents recognized the underlying reason for the proposal: to “clamp down” on sex-selective abortions.

But regardless of whether the resolution is accepted by the full parliamentary assembly—of, if approved, not a single country adheres to the recommendation –it is still an important incremental step forward.

We’ve written a raft of stories about the mounting awareness that more than 160 million “missing girls” is both a human rights atrocity and a demographic time bomb. Technology may be “neutral.” But when ultrasounds are employed to find out the child’s sex–and should the child be a girl almost always aborted—even the most militant “pro-choicer” must recognize that this is crazy and something MUST be done.

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