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Democrats’ Response to Obama: “People feel betrayed, disappointed, furious, disgusted, hopeless”

by | Sep 15, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Nevada Congressman-elect Mark Amodei

You may ask yourself why are we running three stories on the pro-life victories in the special elections in New York (a real shocker) and Nevada (also a real shocker in the sense of a humungous 22% margin of victory!). The answer is because the triumphs of Bob Turner in New York and Mark Amodei in Nevada tell us a great deal about the potential for pro-life gains next year, the effectiveness of National Right to Life PAC, and the growing-weaker-by-the-day status of pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Let’s start with the President first. I could pick from dozens of different quotes, all of which are variations on a theme found in two POLITICO stories: “President Barack Obama took it on the chin,” and “People feel betrayed, disappointed, furious, disgusted, hopeless.”

Of course if you are running for re-election in less than 14 months the last thing you’re going to ‘fess up to is that Republican Turner’s win in a New York congressional district tailored for any Democrat to win was a referendum on your presidency. But how can an 8% victory by a pro-life Republican newcomer honestly be read any in other way?

There were numerous clues, starting with Obama’s slide in popularity in New York State but even more so in the 9th Congressional District. Obama won 55% of the vote in 2008. Today his approval rating barely has a pulse– 31%–versus 56% disapproval.

But what really ought to have sent a chill up and down their spine is the response to Obama’s jobs initiative which he is attempting to use to jump-start his administration. Having employed a State of the Union- like setting to roll it out, the response was a Bloomberg poll that revealed 51% of Americans don’t believe it will help lower the unemployment rate and a collective yawn.

What else? National Right to Life PAC was behind Turner when few others were. Gutsy call. Democrats are also busy spinning a story that they were never really serious about contesting Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District, left vacant when Rep. Dean Heller was appointed to take the Senate seat of John Ensign, who resigned. 

But as Molly Ball wrote today, “The DCCC recruited [Kate] Marshall heavily and helped her raise money – she significantly outraised Amodei in the first reporting period, leading to a round of Democratic gloating about her strength and his weakness.” They were deeply involved in Marshall’s race as recently as mid-August. She was so far behind she could barely see Amodei’s taillights, losing 58% to 36%.

President Obama is doubling down on his usual approach: unilaterally set out proposals and accuse Republicans of bad faith/extremism/immaturity if they don’t swallow them whole. It’s not working. For another example of Obama’s horrific judgment, see Part Five.

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