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Painting Themselves into a Corner

by | Sep 2, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Barbara Kay

Today’s last in the queue story is a reflection on an exchange of letters in the Canadian publication the National Post. One was written this week by a man who is comfortable with “Canada’s absolute freedom-of-choice model,” concluding it would be “fruitless” to depart from that standard.

Chris Selley’s starting point was a story we’ve explored several times: a piece in the New York Times Magazine that talked about “reducing” Twins to “singletons.” While that unnerved just about everybody this side of the U.S./Canadian border, for Selley it just illustrates the futility of ever saying that there is any abortion for any reason at any stage that is impermissible. The only answer to “this morass of hand-wringing uncertainty “is to establish the demarcation at….”birth.”

Fellow columnist Barbara Kay’s starting point is another story we’ve written about multiple times, a new book that documents that there are 160 million “missing girls”—aborted because their sex can be determined in utero.

“Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men,” by journalist Mara Hvistendahl is driving pro-abortionists batty. Something doesn’t compute when the “right” to abortion—the epitome of “liberation”—is exercised to annihilate unborn women all over the world. Which leads Kay to write

“But nowadays, as Mr. Selley himself concedes, even many hardliners of the it’s-my-body camp find themselves staggering under the increasingly weighty burden of their ideology. Shifting technological and cultural plates beneath society’s crust are dislodging bio-ethical boulders. They are crashing down upon the moral high road feminists have occupied for decades.”

While Selley is an absolutist by anyone’s standard, Kay seems to pro-life with exceptions. But it’s a useful exchange because their back-and-forth illustrates the corner pro-abortionists have painted themselves into and the truth that the majority (even in Canada) is far closer to our position than to pro-abortionists’.

You don’t have to be a hard-core pro-lifer to increasingly question the legitimacy of abortion.

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