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Planned Parenthood Served with Search Warrant in Case of Alleged Child Rape

by | Sep 23, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

A story that ran on the television station KREM yesterday reported that Planned Parenthood has been served with a search warrant by Spokane Police Detectives “hoping to strengthen a child rape case with DNA evidence from an aborted fetus.”

According to KREM, detectives believe they can prove paternity–and the allegation of third degree rape of a child—if they can pull DNA from the aborted baby. On camera the KREM reporter said that this is not the first time police have used this kind of DNA testing.

The girl involved is 15. She alledgedly became pregnant by a 21-year-old man in early August.

The story that appears on the website omits a couple of key points that the video fills in.

At the end of August the girl’s parents learned from the school that their daughter was pregnant. They took her to Planned Parenthood where the test was positive. A decision was made to abort the baby by the family and the teenager, according to the story.

The story gets hazier at this point. It’s unclear who initially reported the alleged rape. Apparently during the time the parents took their daughter to Planned Parenthood and she aborted, detectives sought a warrant “because according to documents it was possible to obtain DNA from the fetal tissue.”


In addition there is a suspect, who has not been charged. Moreover, on the KREM video, we learn that the reporter was told “that the victim’s family has applied for a protection order against the alleged suspect.”

DNA testing can take up to several weeks “and will likely be done with the help of the medical examiner’s office and the Washington State Crime Lab,” according to KREM.

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