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Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Abortion Clinic Regulations; Regulations Approved by Virginia Board of Health

by | Sep 16, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

Following more than four hours of debate and testimony, the Virginia Board of Health today approved abortion clinics regulations, a day after a Quinnipiac University poll showed overwhelming support among Virginians for this law that requires abortion clinics to be regulated like hospitals. The vote was 12-1.

The long-overdue regulations would apply to any abortion provider in Virginia who provides five or more first-trimester abortions a month.

According to the Washington Post,  they will go to now go Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II and Gov. Bob McDonnell for review. The regulations would take effect Dec. 31.

The Quinnipiac University poll found that the overwhelming 55% to 22% response in favor of “tougher abortion rules” (as the poll’s headline phrased it) transcended all categories—male/female, black/white, Republican/Democratic/Independent.

“There is strong support for the new abortion law among men and women,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute explained.  “Even Democrats, by a plurality [47% to 34%], support the measure.”

Brown added, “Opponents apparently have been unable to convince the electorate that this is an unwarranted back-door way to stop abortions.”    And Brown is correct: that is the tack taken by pro-abortionists which has not resonated with Virginians, as revealed in a follow-up question.

Supporters of this proposed change say it is needed to safeguard the health of women who get abortions; Opponents say the changes are mainly expensive structural changes and are just an effort to force many clinics who cannot afford them out of business.  

Asked which they agreed with by a whopping 50% to 33%, the public agreed the change safeguards the health of women getting abortions.

The poll of 1,368 registered voters also found even greater approval of pro-life Gov. Bob McDonnell. His job approval has jumped 6% from last June up to 61%. Only 21% disapproved.

“Virtually every other governor in the country must be envious about Bob McDonnell’s numbers,” Brown told the Washington Times. Indeed it is the breadth of his support that is stunning.

Thirty nine percent of Democrats approve of the governor—just one percent point less than the number who disapprove. “Even black voters, historically a Democratic group, approve 46 – 32 percent, ‘a highly unusual finding for a Republican office-holder,” said Brown.” 

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