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Pro-Lifers Love “Rose’s First Photo Album” Educational Poster Set

by | Sep 30, 2011

Editor’s note. “Rose’s First Photo Album” is selling “like hotcakes,” I’m told. And it’s easy to understand why.

As Lara O’Steen wrote a few months ago,

“Rose is an adorable baby girl whose journey of growth is captured in 10 all-new full-color posters: ‘Rose’s First Photo Album.’ Beginning with her tiniest moments inside the womb, this beautiful poster series allows Rose to share her latest developments as she grows from a tiny (but very much alive!) unborn baby all the way into an active two-year-old.”

For information on ordering YOUR set, please e-mail Lara at Remember, the full set of 10 posters is only $10. Sets in all four sizes cost only $40. A must have for every chapter, please order yours today!

Below is the rest of Lara’s overview of this terrific resource. Be sure to order your copies today.


“Rose’s First Photo Album” features breathtakingly beautiful photos of sweet baby Rose in various stages of development. The first eight posters showcase Rose’s life as an unborn baby, while the final two posters focus on life as a newborn and then as a toddler. The seamless transition from unborn to born highlights the continuity of life and is an excellent educational tool!

Produced by the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, this cheery and upbeat poster set is appropriate for all ages. The poster text is simple and engaging (e.g., unborn baby at 12 weeks: “I may only weigh half an ounce, but already I can open my mouth, swallow, and even get the hiccups!”). Abortion is never mentioned, but the undeniable vitality, wonder, and personality of Baby Rose shines clearly from every poster in this set!

We are excited to envision the many possible uses for “Rose’s First Photo Album,” and plan to offer the laminated poster sets in a variety of sizes. The full-size 11″x17″ posters are perfect for school or church displays, fair booths, etc. The mid-size set at 9″ x 12″ is easily transportable and ideal for sharing with kids. The smaller 5″ X 7″ size is great to have with you and can be used all at once on a larger poster or shared individually like regular photos. The convenient key-chain set makes a perfect conversation piece on the go and is very popular!

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