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So… ObamaCare WAS a disaster?

by | Sep 7, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

As noted previously, I’m using today to catch up for developments over the weekend and on Labor Day. I watched (or listened to on replay on CSPAN radio) some of the Sunday talks shows, but missed The Chris Matthews Show.

The website posted a quote from the program that is very, very interesting. Matthews was speaking with (among others) the Washington Post’s David Ignatius (a good reporter and columnist) and the Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman (an out-and-out Democratic Party partisan), formerly of Newsweek.

“This week we want to do something slightly different with our ‘Tell me Something’ segment,” Matthews says. “Let me ask you all, all four of you, what has been President Obama’s biggest mistake in his two and a half years so far?

“FINEMAN: Chris, on things under his control, not the wars so much because they were built in, his decision to spend all of his political capital in a year and a half of his time on the healthcare reform law I think was his biggest political mistake.

“MATTHEWS: Wow. Smart statement.


“IGNATIUS: I would agree with Howard. The idea of launching a major change in social legislation without having a consensus in the country and in Congress about what that should look like was a mistake. That’s just not how a president makes good policy.



Other sites that discussed these surprising admissions offered a lot of back and forth about what this said about the Mainstream Media positioning itself should Obama—already teetering—fall into the electoral abyss. That’s not our concern. What is?

National Right to Life, from the very beginning, made any number of cogent, thoughtful, on-the-money criticisms of ObamaCare, a bureaucratic monstrosity if ever there was one. Among those astute criticisms was that ObamaCare was laden with abortion-promoting provisions and a guarantee that health care would be rationed.

The irony is that Fineman and Ignatius miss the real consensus that DID exist. The public—and not just pro-lifers—does not, did not, and will never want the federal government siphoning money out of the public coffers in the direction of the Abortion Establishment, nor does the public want health care rationed. Obama could have talked until the cows came home and the public would still have rejected ObamaCare, as it does to this day.

Also, as Newsbusters points out, “[W]ithout the media’s help, Obama and the Democrats could never have gotten this awful bill passed. No chance. Now those that aided and abetted him are beginning to think it was a mistake?”

My guess is that substantively, both agree with ObamaCare. They just worry that Obama spent his political capital on a problem that was not at the top of the public’s agenda, and, even it had been, is seen by the American people as offering the wrong solution.

Gone unmentioned, by the way, is that there probably was no single issue that undercut more Democrats running for re-election in 2010 than their support for health care “reform.” We can only hope that that the disaster is a precursor for November 2012.

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