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Spokane Detectives obtain tissue from aborted baby as part of child rape investigation

by | Sep 24, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Following up on a story we ran yesterday, Spokane detectives have obtained a tissue sample from an aborted baby as part of a suspected child rape. Police hope to prove paternity–and the allegation of third degree rape of a child—from the DNA from the aborted baby.

Whereas the chronology was unclear yesterday, today’s story in the Spokesman-Review newspaper clarifies some of the details.

The suspected father is 21 years old, the young girl is 15. He has not been arrested, according to Officer Jennifer DeRuwe, spokeswoman for the Spokane Police Department, “and the investigation is ongoing.”

Not mentioned today but acknowledged yesterday is that “that the victim’s family has applied for a protection order against the alleged suspect,” according to television station KREM.

Yesterday a representative for Planned parenthood, where the abortion took place, fell all over himself to tell the television reporter how eager they were to cooperate with policy. From the newspaper today, we learn that on September 9 the girl’s parents told police they planned to have the baby aborted. “[D]etectives wanted to do a DNA test to strengthen the case against the suspected 21-year-old father, who was an acquaintance of the teenage girl.”

Officer DeRuwe told the Spokesman-Review that “the search warrant was obtained because of strict medical privacy laws, even though the patient gave permission.”

Declining to answer questions, Planned Parenthood said in a prepared statement that it is “committed to the privacy of all patients.”

The evidence will be sent to the state crime lab for DNA testing, DeRuwe told the Spokesman-Review, which could take several months.

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