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Two California Abortionists Disciplined by State Medical Board

by | Sep 23, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Feliciano Rios

Two California abortionists faced disciplinary action this week, one surrendering his license, the other agreeing to a 60-day suspension and five years probation, according to the California Catholic Daily.

The California Medical Board sent out an email notification that long-time Planned parenthood abortionist, Jesse James Joplin of Santa Clara, surrendered his license on Tuesday. Joplin, until recently a “supervising physician” for Planned Parenthood-Mar Monte, has been in constant trouble.

When the Medical Board issued an “interim suspension order” on July 25, Joplin was already on probation for seven years, the California Daily Catholic reports. “The conditions of Joplin’s probation provided that he abstain completely from the use of alcohol, submit to random urine tests four times a month, submit to a psychiatric evaluation and undergo psychotherapy, submit to monitoring by an independent physician and not engage in the solo practice of medicine, not supervise physicians assistants, and ‘obey all laws.’” The implication of the July 25 suspension is that he had not abided by the conditions of his probation.

Joplin’s legal problems go back to the 1990s. “His license was revoked in 1997 in connection with the death of one patient and the attempted abortion of a viable fetus on a 15-year-old girl, when state law prohibited abortions on viable fetuses,” according to “However, the revocation was stayed, and instead Joplin was placed on five year’s probation.”

The second abortionist, Dr. Feliciano Rios, of Chula Vista, also has a long trail of charges. “According to Medical Board records, Rios has agreed to five years probation and a 60-day license suspension after pleading guilty in a plea bargain in July 2009 to perjury under oath,” according to the California Catholic Daily. “He had originally been charged with three counts of perjury, MediCal fraud and grand theft.”

Rios also pled guilty to other charges in 2010, including two counts of being a convicted felon in possession of firearms.

“In addition to agreeing to a 60-day suspension of his medical license, other conditions of his probation include taking an ethics course, submitting to review of his billings by an independent monitor, a prohibition on the solo practice of medicine, notifying any hospital where he has privileges of his Medical Board discipline and a prohibition on supervising physician’s assistants.”

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