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What the Defeat of the Abortion Counseling Amendment in England May Also Signal

by | Sep 21, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Ed West

Talk about a handbook of pithy, cut-to-chase pro-life arguments. I am referring to a column by a man named Ed West that appeared in the British publication, the Telegraph.

He used the defeat of a very modest proposal in Parliament to demonstrate the internal logic of the case against abortion. You don’t have to accept all West’s asides to grasp that on abortion (and infanticide) he is spot-on.

The modest proposal by Nadine Dorries was to end the inherent conflict of interest of having abortion providers proving “counseling” to the very same women whose abortions they profit from. The amendment “only stipulated that pregnancy counselling could only be called independent if provided by ‘a private body that does not itself provide for the termination of pregnancies, or a statutory body,’” West writes.

Here are just a handful of West’s to the point observations that you might consider stowing away on your hard drive.

·         Opponents of the amendment caricature proponents in the most awful way (“Right-wing, misogynist Christian fringe”) when “in reality opposition to abortion is as strong with Labour voters as with Conservatives, and women as men.”

·         Opposition to abortion ought to be a position the Political Left embraces , he writes.”After all, you’re far more likely to be aborted if you’re black, poor, disabled or female – the demographics of aborted foetus would give diversity consultants goosepimples if their protected characteristics were visible. And for people obsessed with equality, you don’t get a bigger inequality than life and death.”

·         Moral campaigns, such as the campaign to end what was “the universally accepted institution of slavery” often are led by people of faith. “We might all now assume slavery is wrong, but to 18th century people it was not obvious,” West writes.

·         Many people, especially in England, are nervous/afraid/intimidated into silence by the vicious attack they know they would come under if they publicly voiced their pro-life views.

The good news, if you will, about the outlandish assault on a middle-of-the-road proposition is that it says something about the sensitivity of the Establishment. They fear the slightest retreat from an absolutist abortion-on-demand position, a posture so extreme it even includes paying abortionists twice: once for providing “counseling” to a woman contemplating abortion, and once for killing her child.

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