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Abortions Drop by Nearly a Third in Arizona

by | Oct 13, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Demonstrating yet again that laws and limitations do save unborn babies’ lives, the number of abortions dropped in Arizona by a third last month after the protective measures took effect in August and September.

Preliminary state figures provided by the Department of Health Services show that 729 abortions were performed in September, down nearly 32% from August “and down 39 percent from the previous 12-month average of just over 1,200,” the Associated Press (AP) reported.

In September most of the regulations enacted in 2011 went into effect even while Planned Parenthood challenges the provisions in court. They prohibit nurse practitioners from performing chemical abortions (which account for about half of the abortions in Arizona) and require clinics that perform chemical abortions “to satisfy state requirements on personnel, equipment, facilities and procedures that previously were imposed only on clinics that perform surgical abortions.”

In addition, prior to an abortion clinics must offer mothers the option of listening to their child’s heartbeat and to view ultrasounds.

In addition, after an Arizona appeals court recently ruled that a 2009 law did not constitute an “undue burden,” a number of additional provisions went into effect:

·     Parental consent for minors who wish to abort must be notarized

·     Health-care workers, including pharmacists, may decline to provide information or access to abortion.

·     Only physicians can perform first-trimester abortions, including chemical abortions.

·     An informed consent provision requiring that women meet in person with an abortionist 24 hours in advance of a scheduled abortion.

Planned Parenthood Arizona CEO Bryan Howard “said the September drop would have been even lower except that the physicians-only requirement didn’t legally hold until about 10 days into the month, allowing non-doctors to continue to perform some steps now restricted only to physicians,” the AP’s Paul Davenport reported.

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