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“Bold” and “Brave”? Anything but

by | Oct 14, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

I understand the principle that what sounds….peculiar….to outsiders may make perfect sense within the context of the group. So when NARAL holds luncheons where a woman “speaks out” for the first time about her abortion, you don’t expect what she says to sound like a life-affirming story in National Right to Life News.

So there appears, under the headline “Abortion-rights leader tells others to ‘be bold, brave,’” the story of Harriet Stinson, now 85, that ran yesterday in the San Mateo County Times.

The first three sentences are as straightforward as they are chilling.

“For some women, the decision to have an abortion is agonizing, a source of lingering regret,” writes reporter Carina Woudenberg. “For Harriet Stinson, it was a simple choice, one that she has never second-guessed. She had three children already when she became pregnant for a fourth time, and she didn’t think she could handle the stress of another.”

Indeed, the brunt of her story to 600 people at a NARAL luncheon is captured in this paraphrase: “Today, Stinson has five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She said she adores her family and doesn’t think it would have turned out the same if she hadn’t made the choice to have an abortion nearly 60 years ago.”

And doubtless that is true, although not in the manner Stinson meant.

Woudenberg explains near the end of her story that “Three-fourths of women who undergo abortions say having the baby would interfere with their professional lives or their ability to care for dependents, according to research compiled by the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reproductive health.”

Not the “hard cases” that pro-abortionists used as battering rams to lay siege to the protective abortion statutes of the 50 states. Nope, pregnant at the wrong time.

Doubtless NARAL chooses speakers that it believes will motivate its audience. And what would simultaneously test their convictions and reinforce them that abortion is, in its own inverted way, an expression of “family values” better than this?

Have Stinson tell the audience that “Her late husband, an obstetrician, performed the procedure himself.”

Yes, he aborted his own wife, killing his own child.

And surely if she could recruit her own husband in the destruction of their own child, it brings new layers of meaning to Stinson’s call-to-arms: “We’ve got to be bold and brave and do something drastic, and this is drastic.”

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