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Cain Surge Continues, Tied with Romney Among Republican Primary Voters

by | Oct 6, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Businessman Herman Cain

Be hard to have a better week than pro-life businessman Herman Cain is experiencing. Yesterday we talked about the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll which showed him surging into a tie with pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry for second place (16%), trailing only pro-life former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (25%). In addition, pro-life New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, considered to be a potentially formidable candidate, elected not to join the GOP presidential field

Today a CBS News poll found Cain tied with Romney among self-identified Republican primary voters, each with 17%. As the accompanying CBS News graphic illustrates Gov. Perry is the choice of  12%.

Whereas Gov. Romney’s numbers have essentially remained the same, Cain’s have jumped by 12 percentage points the last two weeks, while Gov. Perry’s have dropped 11%. In just one week, four national polls have shown Mr. Cain’s support mounting, a surge attributed by most observers to his victory in last month’s Florida straw poll and his debate performances.

However there is still room for all candidates since these voters have not yet locked in their preferences. “Three in four Republican primary voters who chose a candidate also said it was too early to make up their minds completely,” wrote Brian Montopoli. “Just 19 percent said they had definitively decided who they would support.”

Among the 1,012 adults surveyed September 28 through October 2, when it came to who was most likely to defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama, 32% said Romney, 16% said Perry, and 8% said Cain. Cain was the leading choice among self-described conservatives with 21%, Romney was second (15%), and Perry third (13%).

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