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Fact-Checking Obama: a 24/7 Job

by | Oct 7, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

There is fact checking, where media outlets play it down the middle, and there is ‘fact-checking,’ where in the guise of checking a politician’s accuracy the fact checker goes out of his way to give them cover. The Associated Press’s assessment of President Obama’s speech yesterday– “FACT CHECK: Obama claims miss some evidence”–clearly belongs in the former category. (A tip of the hat to Ed Morrissey for alerting readers to this.)

The headline is actually kinder than the analysis. In bashing Republicans yesterday (which Obama drum-beaters like the Washington Post applaud as a sign of new feistiness), the President talked like a man who believes no one actually compares what he says with what he does, or, if they do, won’t bother to point out the wild discrepancies.

As Kuhnhenn put it, “The rhetoric in the president’s quick-moving press conference dodged some facts and left some evidence in the dust.” Yes, to put his remarks in the best possible light. Here are some examples from Kuhnhenn’s analysis:

OBAMA: “If it turns out that there are Republicans who are opposed to this bill, they need to explain to me, but more importantly to their constituencies and the American people, why they’re opposed, and what would they do.”

THE FACTS: While Republicans might not be campaigning on their opposition to Obama’s plan, they’ve hardly kept their objections a secret.

Kuhnhenn goes on to cite just some of the many times Republicans reiterated their opposition.

OBAMA: “China has been very aggressive in gaming the trading system to its advantage and to the disadvantage of other countries, particularly the United States. …. And currency manipulation is one example of it, or at least intervening in the currency markets in ways that have led their currency to be valued lower than the market would normally dictate. And that makes their exports cheaper and that makes our exports to them more expensive.”

THE FACTS: While Obama complained about China’s efforts to keeps its currency undervalued to gain trade advantages, his administration has repeatedly refused to brand China as a currency manipulator in a report that the Treasury Department is required to send to Congress twice a year.

Kuhnhenn includes other examples of (how should I phrase this?) the distance between what Obama claimed and what the record shows, including on taxes (twice) and regulations.

Why do I mention this?

It is the hallmark of this pro-abortion President that he insists—with an air of well-earned exasperation– there is an agreement on a given issue (when none exists) and then clobbers opponents for their alleged lack of good faith. Of course that failure to admit honest disagreement itself represents a lack of good faith.

And Obama loves to snidely chastise opponents, letting reporters know (between smirks) that if bad faith doesn’t explain why Republicans don’t agree, then the only other answer is that they are none-too-bright. Nobody can legitimately disagree, lest they accused of “playing politics.”

As pro-lifers we will hear that refrain over and over and over and over again next year. To take just an obvious example: we will be told that ObamaCare was not a bureaucratic monstrosity weighed down with numerous features to directly and indirectly promote abortion and ration medical care, but a “compromise.”

Obama is not the extremist for signing a law that (as NRLC points out) “contained multiple provisions that provide authorizations for subsidies for abortion, both implicit and explicit, and also multiple provisions that opened doors to abortion-expanding administrative actions,” but  the seeker after “common ground” who offered (totally bogus) assurances of abortion-neutrality.

In a nutshell, Obama acts as if he is not responsible for his own policies, and when he does own up, he totally misrepresents both what he has actually done and the reason people oppose his actions.

Talk about a lack of good faith.

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