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“First Resort” Pregnancy Center Rebuts False Accusations by San Francisco City Attorney

by | Oct 6, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Shari Plunkett, CEO of ‘First Resort"

As I await the decision of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as it weighs passage of a “False Advertising by Limited Services Pregnancy Centers” bill, I stumbled across a first-rate opinion piece written by the CEO whose pregnancy center is the target of the pro-abortion assault. Shari Plunkett, CEO of ‘First Resort,” wrote her piece for the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Open Forum.”

It is instructive that the Board of Supervisors’  Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee passed the measure along with no recommendation for reasons that we discussed yesterday. The two supervisors who raised questions mirrored some of the points raised by Ms. Plunkett.

However, her op-ed piece place goes further by placing the assault in context. The bill “follows a floundering national campaign by a pro-choice political organization to pass ‘disclosure’ laws against pregnancy care centers. All three such ordinances that passed and were contested in court have been ruled unconstitutional.”

Plunkett adds, “Sadly, the sponsors of this bill seem unaware of, or don’t care about, the dishonesty of this approach, and now seek to suppress and undermine free speech while limiting a woman’s right to choose.”

Plunkett points out that that First Resort’s clinics, which operate in San Francisco, Redwood City and Oakland, are staffed by fully competent professionals. She then tackles the “erroneous” accusation by the San Francisco city attorney that First Resort employs “deceptive marketing tactics.” Plunkett then explains how “This is unsubstantiated and simply untrue. Our communications are clear, honest and appropriate.”

The core of all these legal assaults is that the pregnancy centers pretend to provide abortions. With First Resort,

“We provide all clients with full disclosure of the types of services we provide, starting with the ‘Services’ tab on our website. Every person who even mentions abortion while calling First Resort for an appointment is told we neither perform nor refer for abortion. Before she can meet with a counselor or nurse, the woman is informed again, in writing. Our clients receive medically accurate and unbiased information to help them make their own decision, not one imposed by someone else’s agenda.”

Plunkett concludes with a challenge to San Francisco’s city officials who “pride themselves as nationwide trendsetters and leaders in enacting progressive legislation.”

She asks, “Will the Board of Supervisors say that any organization that differs with its established pro-choice position must have its communications with the public dictated and approved by the government?”

We’ll let you know what the Board of Supervisors decides.

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