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Kansas pre-natal video website wildly successful

by | Oct 27, 2011

By Kathy Ostrowski, Kansans for Life Legislative Director

Kansas pro-lifers could never have imagined that our state interactive website showing pre-natal development videos would achieve 10,000 hits—let alone in one month! But that happened in September, and, coupled with a state-wide increase in the number of free, life-affirming crisis pregnancy and adoption centers, makes for a great Respect Life Month in Kansas.

While opponents have taken to the courts to try to stop new constitutional laws regulating abortion clinics and health insurance, they cannot prevent 24/7 access via smart phone or computer to the best scientific information on life in the womb.  is the informed consent site managed by the state, with a 24-hour hotline. Prior to any Kansas abortion, the mother must sign that she accessed the  state-prepared information in written form or on this website.

When you open the site you see a tiny six-week-old unborn baby with an actively-beating heart

But then check out the fascinating Prenatal Image Gallery. This is the portal to day-by-day, high-resolution 4-D ultrasound imaging of the developing child, with positive, scientifically-accurate audio commentary.

The video portal was developed and is maintained by the politically-neutral EHD group [the Endowment for Human Development] with a DVD distributed by the National Geographic Society. (See )

When the Kansas legislature wanted to improve its informed-consent statute in 2009, it passed The Women’s Right to Know & See Act. This authorized the health department to provide instantly accessible, unassailably accurate pre-natal information.

However, that was not accomplished until this year, when new pro-life Gov. Sam Brownback placed Dr. Robert Moser as director of the state health department.

Under Moser, new “Woman’s Right to Know” booklets were printed and widely distributed, containing more accurate abortion warnings and a full listing of the now 82 life-affirming pregnancy resource centers.

In 2010, over 8,300 abortions were obtained in Kansas without this interactive website where the expectant mother can look at real-time movements of an unborn child the same age as hers.

How many of those 10,000 September web hits were from mothers who subsequently chose life for their babies? That is yet unknown.

What is known is that those women can easily find free, hands-on help with their pregnancy needs here. May God bless all those who are helping create a culture of life!

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