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Letters to the Editor: the Single Best Way to Peel Away the layers of PPFA Mythology

by | Oct 13, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Cecile Richards, PPFA Presidsent

This is the last item for Wednesday’s National Right to Life News Today. But it is my favorite, for reasons I hope are soon clear.

As a pro-lifer, every time I read an articulate, thoughtful rebuttal of the case for Planned Parenthood, I practically burst my buttons. Since I was unable to contact the author of a letter to the editor of, I will not use his name. But I’m sure he’d agree that what is more important is the brilliance of his rebuttal to yet another misinformed/misleading defense of Planned Parenthood.

In the space of a few paragraphs, he is wise enough not to fall into the percentages/’services’  trap. Unless you have time and space, that’s a rabbit trail you don’t want to go down.  Instead he writes,

“While you can make percentages say what you want, Planned Parenthood’s overwhelming income generator is abortions and abortion-related services. Report the numbers in dollars and not percentages to see where their real bulk of income comes from.”

As NRLC’s Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon has explained numerous times,

“Even putting ancillary services aside, given the 332,278 abortions the group reported in 2009, the money Planned Parenthood took in from abortion that year was at least $149.9 million, if they charged the going rate ($451) for the basic first trimester surgical abortion. That would represent, not 3%, but more than a third of what Planned Parenthood took in in clinic revenues for the entire year ($404.9 million).The real number is likely to be much higher, with Planned Parenthood clinics advertising and performing considerably more expensive chemical and later surgical abortions.”

The author of the letter to the editor also addresses the dismissive put-down that abortion is not a “serious” enough issue to be debated during tough economic times.

“[I]f you think the killing of a child is a minor issue compared to whether you’re going to pay your electric bill this month or not, I suggest you review your moral priorities.”

And then there is the passionate ending, which refuses to trade in the currency of euphemisms:

“People close their eyes to abortion. When we want to have a child it is a ‘baby’ and when it is not wanted it is a ‘fetus’ or ‘blob of tissue,’ as Planned Parenthood calls it. (That’s based on first-hand knowledge.) Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t play with labels and its identity never changes no matter what label we use to justify our decision.”

My hat is off to you all. It’s a blessing to be in the same Movement, the great movement for social justice of our day.

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