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Looking Ahead to Tonight’s GOP Debate and Obama’s Declining Fortunes

by | Oct 12, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

It would seem that the Republican field of presidential candidates is now complete. A week after two pro-lifers announced they would not run—New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin—pro-abortion former New York City Mayor took himself out of the running today. His announcement to a gathering of Long Island business executives comes just hours before an important debate between the Republican candidates who are seeking to be pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s opponent in 2012.

And because the winnowing out process seems to have finalized; and because there has been so much movement among the candidates, tonight’s forum at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire is being widely seen as very important. The seven men and one woman—all pro-life–include former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, businessman Herman Cain, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Ron Paul, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Senator Rick Santorum, and Gov. Jon Huntsman.

A handful of polls show Cain surging, virtually in a tie with Romney and in one case leading Romney by a point. In each case Perry is third. As recently as May a national Gallup poll of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents had Cain polling only eight percent.

While understandably attention today focuses on the GOP, anyone who has even casually read the national news over the past four days knows that pro-abortion President Obama has suffered through a dreadful time, bad even by the standards of the past few months.

For example, a poll released yesterday by Investors Business Day/TIPP found that when given a choice a majority of Americans picked “someone new deserves a chance”  (51%) over Obama “deserves to be re-elected” (41%). Among the much sought-after Independents, the margin was 54% to 36%.

But magnifying the depressing news for the President was still another piece by the Associated Press (AP) which called into question whether there was any connection between what Obama was saying and reality. (“SPIN METER: Obama’s disconnect in jobs sales pitch.”)

The lead sentence foreshadows all that follows: “In President Barack Obama’s sales pitch for his jobs bill, there are two versions of reality: The one in his speeches and the one actually unfolding in Washington.” (By the way the “Spin Meter” is described at the end of Erica Werner’s analysis as “An occasional look behind the rhetoric of public officials.”

It is a really devastating analysis. Piece by piece Werner shows the gigantic disconnect. But what is perhaps most troubling for the Obama team is this from a political scientist.

“He knows it’s not going to pass. He’s betting that voters won’t pick up on it, or even if they do they will blame Congress and he can run against the ‘do-nothing Congress,'” said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a senior fellow at the University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development.

Which could be cynically dismissed as the way things are “always done,” except that the entire premise of Obama’s campaign was that a new day had dawned.

This is important to us as pro-lifers for two reasons. Such bluntness tells us that at some of the media are no longer content merely to be shills for the President. That can only be helpful.

Second, this “two versions of reality” understanding is something we can explain applies precisely to Obama’s position on abortion in general, ObamaCare in particular. In a word, this is a complete disconnect between his soothing, common-ground rhetoric and the truth that the President pushes the Abortion Establishment’s agenda six days a week, and twice on Sunday.

Specifically, we have a vote coming up on Thursday on the Protect Life Act. Every speech, every story, every blog item that highlights how ObamaCare is laden with abortion-expanding provisions drives home the point: Obama flatly did not tell the truth when he signed an Executive Order and said it would cleanse ObamaCare of its abortion-enhancing properties. (And that does not even go into how ObamaCare is premised on rationing.)

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