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Many Democrats Worry Obama an Anchor around their Re-election Chances

by | Oct 25, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

As does every last item for the day, this story will be brief. The leaders of the Democratic Party, from top to bottom, all have the same message:”No one views the president as a political liability,” David Catanese and Alex Isenstadt write in today’s POLITICO.

But as the old adage says, actions speak louder than words. And while that might be true a year out from the next election, “[A]lready, as Obama’s most recent forays into battleground states indicate, there are growing signs that many Democratic politicians don’t want to get too close to him, either.”

Catanese and Isenstadt initially focus on three states Obama carried in 2008– Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania —where “members of Congress were notably missing from the president’s side.” That ignores Virginia, where, as POLITICO reported last week, the President was greeted by “embarrassingly small crowds” and  to “cold shoulders from some high-profile Virginia Democrats.”

Moreover, Catanese and  Isenstadt add,

“The past three elections — the Sept. 13 House special elections in New York and Nevada and the Oct. 4 West Virginia gubernatorial special election — haven’t done much to inspire confidence about Obama’s ability to help the entire ticket: The president was unquestionably an anchor on the Democratic nominees in each race.”

As I say, time permits only these quick highpoints. And it’s only fair to note that the story includes the obligatory “on the other hand” perspective. But the truth is more likely contained in a quote mid-way through the story:

“[Obama] may end up being Walter Mondale of 1984,” said Raleigh-based Democratic strategist Brad Crone, recalling that the only elected official who risked being seen with the party’s nominee that year was the longtime agriculture commissioner.”

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