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Pro-Life Perspective: “Life in the Womb, Part 5”

by | Oct 15, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

All this week you’ve had the chance to learn the “ABCs” of fetal development from National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias. Before I say a few words (to whet your appetite to listen to the entire broadcast), let me again remind you of three important resources from National Right to Life that are available on the webpage of Pro-Life Perspective  (

National Right to Life’s award-winning video, “A Baby’s First Months…Infinite Possibilities,” found at This is absolutely must viewing.

“Diary of an Unborn Child”–fetal development from conception to birth– found; and

“The basics: a compilation of recent and noteworthy information on the abortion issue,” found at

After reminding us that our uniqueness begins at the moment of conception, Mrs. Tobias picks up the chronology of fetal development at five months.

“The five-month-old child in the womb is approximately 10” long.  She is extremely active, will swim about in the amniotic sac until growth makes the space in the womb too tight for easy movement.  It has been shown that newborn babies can swim reflexively when placed in water, using an efficient frog kick.”

Each stage provides marvelous illustrations of  intricacy, complexity, and unfolding beauty. The interplay between mother and child is nothing short of wondrous

“Between 5 and 6 months, the mother begins to notice that her unborn child jumps in response to loud noises coming from the environment”;  “babies are naturally attracted to the sound of the human voice and this process begins in the womb.  Research has suggested that newborn babies react with greater interest to the voices of family members (as opposed to strangers) because they have had experience hearing these voices for so many months while being carried in the womb”; unborn babies at this age respond to the environment. They react if the mother suddenly is immersed in cold water.  If the mother turns over at night, they may have to change their position in the womb to “get comfortable” again. “

And on and on until the moment of birth.  If you missed today’s five-minute broadcast, or any other episode this week, be sure to go to And be sure to pass the link along through your social networks.

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