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Pro Life Perspective: “Will to Live, Part 3”

by | Oct 27, 2011

NRLC President Carol Tobias

By Dave Andrusko

On Thursday’s edition of Pro-Life Perspective, National Right to Life President and PLP Host Carol Tobias moves from discussing how post Roe v. Wade “euthanasia has become accepted, practiced and codified into our laws” to analyzing the role of the Courts in greasing the slippery slope.

To do so Mrs. Tobias first addresses a key aspect of the move toward imposition of euthanasia in America: the change in determining (or interpreting) the patient’s desire for the act of euthanasia.  The historic 1976 case of Karen Ann Quinlan introduced the doctrine of “substituted judgment” under which it was argued that an incompetent individual could not be deprived of the competent individual’s right to reject medical treatment “merely” because she or he could not choose to do so.  Mrs. Tobias points out that in the haste to make sure this “right” to have treatment withdrawn was upheld, scant attention was paid to “ the person’s parallel right to choose to accept treatment—to choose life.”

You will want to listen to Part Three found at in which Mrs. Tobias further comments on this shift. She also outlines the parallel (and inevitably lethal) change from denying medical care to the patient to denying him or her food or water, made possible when food and fluids were defined not as bare necessities but “medical treatment.”

As Mrs. Tobias emphasizes, “It’s abundantly clear that there has been a major change in attitude and value regarding the right to life in America and this change has been codified into law through both the state legislatures and the courts.”


On Friday she will talk about the pro-life “Will to Live,” which you can find

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