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Support for ObamaCare Drops to New Lows

by | Oct 28, 2011

By Dave Andrusko
   Hard to imagine much worse news, particularly given the source. A new monthly poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which is very favorable disposed toward ObamaCare, finds that support for President Barack Obama’s “signature” issue has fallen off the table. The public is “souring” on what is bound to be a much debate issue during next year’s presidential contest.
   While support has never been as high as the Foundation suggests, it is true that the latest numbers have hit the basement: 51% of the 1,223 adults respondents had an unfavorable view while only 34 % had a favorable impression. 
   “The key reason for the change, the poll found, was Democrats’ waning support: Even though they remain more favorable to the law than Republicans and Independents, the proportion of Democrats with favorable views has decreased from about two-thirds to just 52 percent in October,” writes Julian Pecquet of The Hill. “The poor polling numbers all but ensure that the law will be a handicap for many Democrats — and the president himself — going into the 2012 election.”
   But while most attention was paid to the decrease in Democratic support, support among independent voters “also ebbed to a new low,” according to Jordan Rau, a staff writer for Kaiser Health News. “[O]nly 32 percent of independents had a favorable opinion about it in October.
   Rau concluded that the fall off among Democrats reflects growing pessimism the law would help them.
   “Only 27 percent of Democrats in October thought it would improve their lot, down from 43 percent in September,” Rau wrote. “Twice as many Democrats — 55 percent — now believe the law won’t make much difference in their lives. Even the Democrats who still support the measure remain less passionate about it than are the Republicans who oppose it.”
   Overall  only 18%now expect that they and their families will be better off thanks to the law, as compared to 27% in September.
   The “intensity” factor once again favors Obama’s opponents.  While only 20% of Democrats have a very favorable opinion of ObamaCare, a whopping 60% of Republicans have a strongly negative opinion.
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