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This Week on Pro-Life Perspective: “Life in the Womb”

by | Oct 12, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

NRLC President Carol Tobias

This is going to be one of those fun, educational weeks where you both learn a lot listening to “Pro-Life Perspective” and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the process.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to National Right to Life President and PLP Host Carol Tobias yesterday on Columbus Day, you can catch up at These first two days she is laying the foundation for a week-long investigation of the majesty of prenatal development.

“How, in the modern age of sonograms, can anyone who was seen ultrasound images claim that the individual in any stage of fetal development is only ‘potential’ life and not ‘actual life?” Mrs. Tobias asks. “Sadly, it’s often because they do not fully understand the nature of the growing life inside the womb.”

The beauty of Day One is Mrs. Tobias’s explanation of the uniqueness of each and every single human being. And in many ways there is probably no more fundamental difference between and pro- and anti-lifers than whether this uniqueness is accepted or rejected, ignored or understood with awe.

And this is why the child killed in the womb during an abortion, she tells us,

“is not a ‘generic baby.’ Rather, it is a particular person.  If we reflect on what this really means, we know that killing this person in the womb is no different from killing her right after birth, or at three months or three years.  It is the same person who dies.  Only the length of the person’s life changes.”

Take five minutes out to listen to “Life in the Womb,” found at You’ll be glad you did. And then forward the link through your social networks.

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