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Another NARAL “Report” to Harass CPCs

by | Nov 12, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

As the deep-pocketed offensive against Crisis Pregnancy Centers rolls across the country, you can’t help but be both bemused and proud when you read this common lament: “Today there are estimated to be more than 4,000 CPCs in the United States, dwarfing the estimated 1,800 abortion providers” (from an article written for “The Nation” by Kate Murphy).

Just think of the irony. The common thread of the abortionnauts is that Crisis Pregnancy Centers /Problem Pregnancy/Pregnancy Care Centers are to deception what Planned Parenthood is to killing unborn babies: synonymous. (In a second we’ll show that this is not true of women-helping centers.)

But the 100% misleading inference of Murphy’s woe-is-me comment is that the poor little old abortion industry, greatly outnumbered, is barely able to hold its own against the CPC behemoth.

Never mind that CPCs are mom and pop operations, manned almost entirely by volunteers, operating on shoe-string budgets. Never mind that NARAL and its allies have the resources and the political muscle to move cities and counties to pass blatantly unconstitutional ordinances whose sole purpose to harass CPCs. Never mind that the King of the Abortion Industry—Planned Parenthood—is a $1 billion (with a “b”) corporation which no doubt spends more each year to dispose of the corpses of 332,278 unborn babies than the budgets of all 4,000 CPCs combined.

These people have no shame.

The common pro-abortion gambit (the latest is in Massachusetts) is to pretend to sleuthing. With memories of Woodward and Bernstein etched in their minds, NARAL investigators go “undercover” to ferret out alleged instances of what falls under the umbrella description of “deception and misinformation.”

As we talked about last week, there is no way to independently verify anything in these “reports.” We are supposed to take on faith that a group whose mission it is to drive CPCs into the sea would never manicure the truth, exaggerate, distort, take comments out of context, or wholly make up stories that just so happen to fit the caricature  they are trying to peddle in a colorful and unforgettable way.

And by “misinformation,” these “reports” typically mean anything that suggests there are complications associated with abortion. In fact there is a welter of peer-reviewed studies that have conclusively shown that there are a whole host of physical and emotional after-shocks. And to the non-partisan, should the evidence-driven conclusion that abortion exacts a toil, physical and emotional, on women be even a tiny bit surprising?

To her credit Murphy concedes that these harassment laws are getting shot down. That’s why they keep trying to come up with some wrinkle that will fool a judge into upholding the law.

Every new approach, they insist, incorporates the heated criticisms ladled out by judges who are clearly infuriated by the one-sided ordinances.

But, of course, they don’t. PPFA and its ilk are never required to post what they don’t do. You think NARAL is going to insist on equal treatment? Please.

Their goal is to intimidate, muzzle, and frighten into submission small centers who dare to disagree with their abortion advocacy, which just so happens to underwritten by barrels of money. And in the process insist that it’s all about honesty and transparency.

I despise liars almost as much as I do bullies.

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