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“If you don’t see the baby, is it still a baby?”

by | Nov 18, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve all heard the old riddle, “If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Well columnist Steven Aden says there is “a 21st century rendition of this riddle”— the ACLU’s unceasing, all-out effort to prevent mothers in North Carolina from viewing a sonogram of their unborn child. Aden describes the ACLU’s position this way: “If you don’t see the baby, is it still a baby?’”

Actually I understand the pro-abortion position. Not the logic, mind you, but the imperative behind it. To the PPFAs, NARALs, and ACLUs of this world, there are never, NEVER enough dead babies.

That is why it’s not just insuperable obstacles to obtaining abortions that they object to (under Roe, there couldn’t be any such barriers anyway), but even the smallest speed bump. Why? Because they understand the laws of physics applied to human psychology.

The motion of a panicky girl or woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, unless checked by information that humanizes her child, will often carry her in a straight line to the death of her child. Enter sonograms, which carry the potential to deflect the momentum culminating in a child’s death and the emotional maiming of her mother.

Plus, in the case of North Carolina, pro-abortion forces thought they had weathered the storm. The governor had vetoed the bill only to have her resistance overcome by the state’s general assembly. If only pro-lifers had failed, another year of blissful ignorance.

Aden ends his column with an excellent summary of what is going on.

“Just as a tree falling in the woods makes noise when it crashes into the limbs of other trees and eventually impacts the ground—whether we hear it or not—so too a baby remains a baby whether or not her mother sees her on an ultrasound screen.

“The ACLU would prefer that mothers continue to doubt, rather than see and believe. That leaves them vulnerable to Planned Parenthood’s tired old lie that ‘It’s just a clump of cells,’ and maximizes profit for the abortion industry at the expense of human life.”

For PPFA and its cohorts in the abortion industry, it’s always about the money.

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