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One Abortion Every 95 seconds at Planned Parenthood

by | Nov 12, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Greenberg

Anyone who has read National Right to Life News or National Right to Life News Today for very long knows I am a great admirer of Paul Greenberg. Mr. Greenberg, who has spoken two times to the annual NRLC conference, is the Pulitzer Prize winning editorial pager editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

He recently wrote a column for his newspaper under the headline “Fact vs. Fiction” which you can find reprinted at

As a gifted writer, Mr. Greenberg draws us in with a quote attributed to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin which has taken on mythic qualities. In fact, it was uttered not by Palin but by comedian Tina Fey as a way of diminishing and ridiculing Gov. Palin.

“It’s another proof that, as the neurologists tell us, the centers of memory and imagination are closely related in the human brain,” Greenberg writes.  “Psychologists call it the Misinformation Effect, and there’s a lot of it going around. “

He uses that to segue into a letter to the editor which innocently [Hah!] inquired about what pro-lifers do after the baby is born? Where to begin?

Greenberg begins with the saintly work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers/Women Centers; the Sisters of Life, established by the late John Cardinal O’Connor; and churches such as the New York City-based Manhattan Bible Church which among many other worthy projects is blessed with families who have taken in babies and pregnant women in need of help.

There are countless acts of kindness both by these organizations and by the millions of individuals who make up our Movement. But Greenberg is not done.

“When it comes to supporting children (before and after birth) theirs is a record unmatched by pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood, which remains the largest abortion-provider in the country. And it doesn’t hesitate to accept federal funding — and lobby for more.

“Planned Parenthood may fly under the banner of ‘women’s health’ or ‘family planning,’ but it was responsible for 332,278 abortions in this country just in 2009, or one every 95 seconds. That’s roughly the population of a city the size of Cincinnati.”

This takes on added meaning when we remember the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that PPFA has received in federal grants and contracts. This $1 billion behemoth, rolling in money, has watched with joy as allies, such as NARAL, have unmercifully harassed women helping centers, to make sure life is as miserable as possible for anyone bold enough to take a stand for life.

Greenberg concludes his column with this appropriate counsel.

“Now would be a good time, while Congress is supposed to be looking for ways to control the federal deficit, to cut off Planned Parenthood’s water. Such a move would address both of the country’s two great deficits: fiscal and moral.”

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