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Pro-Life Tenor Andrea Bocelli: “As much as I can, I show them an example and act as a role model, because I believe this is the only way”

by | Nov 16, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Andrea Bocelli

The interview with world famous tenor Andrea Bocelli ran yesterday in the British publication, The Telegraph. Written by Bryony Gordon, there are a number of spokes that run from the hub, which is that women swoon over Bocelli.

But for pro-lifers,  the caption under his photo captures what matters:  “Tenor Andrea Bocelli is a committed Catholic, with strong pro-life views on abortion.”

And that he does.

Last year we ran a story about the marvelous video he filmed ( “Andrea Bocelli Tells a ‘Little story’ about Abortion” is, in fact, Bocelli’s own story—which you can watch at

The video, which Bocelli filmed for a pro-life organization, begins with  Bocelli at the piano. He is speaking in Italian, with English subtitles.

“So, for this occasion I want to tell you a little story. This is how the story goes: A young pregnant wife has been hospitalized for a simple attack of appendicitis. The doctors had to apply some ice on her stomach and when the treatments ended the doctors suggested that she abort the child.They told her that would be the best solution because the child would doubtless be born with some kind of disability. But the courageous young wife decided not to terminate the pregnancy, and the child was born. The woman was my mother, I was the child.”

I have no idea where Gordon is on our issue, but it is clear that she was impressed by Bocelli’s passionate opposition to abortion. Why? Because while is unabashedly both a Christian and a pro-lifer, he presented his case for life not in a “cross” manner (which I suspect Gordon expected) but “on the contrary,” in a “calm and measured” tone.

As Bocelli said, “As much as I can, I show them an example and act as a role model, because I believe this is the only way.” 

Take a few minutes out and watch “Andrea Bocelli Tells a ‘Little story’ about Abortion” at

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