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Proof that “Elections Matter”: Part Two

by | Nov 4, 2011

Pro-Life Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

By Dave Andrusko

Yesterday I started “Proof that Elections Matter” with this;

“Off-year elections are very important, both for what happens and for what interpretation the media places on the results.”

My point of reference was the Commonwealth of Virginia where Republicans (led by pro-lifers) hold the General Assembly and the governor’s office (pro-life Bob McDonnell). There are within range of controlling the state Senate as well in next week’s elections.

I couldn’t have anticipated that this morning a pro-abortion columnist for the Washington Post )Robert McCartney) would preemptively throw up his hands and announce that woe is him. In a smarmy column dripping with condescension and contempt for pro-life Republicans he writes

“Today, the GOP is confident of picking up enough seats to win control of the Senate, and it hopes to end up with at least a 23 to 17 majority. Democrats sound increasingly despondent and acknowledge that they’ll have to sweep all the close races to retain their sway.”

Let’s go back to the first sentence from yesterday.

“Off-year elections are very important, both for what happens and for what interpretation the media places on the results.”

McCartney ‘s opening lament (and his agenda) is so transparent it’s almost laughable.

“We might need to reconsider the now-conventional view that the Northern Virginia suburbs are a bulwark against the extreme conservatism embraced in rural areas and elsewhere in the state.”

McCartney is attempting to set Republicans up for a fall. If they don’t win the state Senate next Tuesday that will prove  that the electorate wised up at the last possible moment and refused to embrace those crazy pro-lifers.

However he is correct in one particular, and perhaps another. Every ten years states redraw their boundaries reflecting the changes in population. In Virginia each house drew its own lines. In each case the controlling party—Republicans in the House of Delegates and Democrats in the Senate—favorably treated their own incumbents and attempted to give an edge to members of their party running against the other party.

McCartney writes

“When the Democrats can’t even gerrymander themselves into reliably safe seats in the Washington suburbs, it’s clear the winds favoring the GOP in the Old Dominion continue to blow strong.”

   As I say we’ll see if that holds true. Maybe pro-abortion Democrats will be able to hold on to the Senate by the skin of their electoral teeth.

But what is unquestionably true is

“The GOP has surged ahead mainly because Virginia independents have turned decisively against Democrats in general since 2009, according to politicians and strategists for both parties.”

McCartney tries to preemptively blame a possible GOP takeover of the state Senate on the fact that Republicans have successfully “nationalized” the contests—i.e., talked not just about local issues but much about the national economy. But (a) the loss of Independents is a nationwide phenomenon, and (b) that’s what every party does—as McCartney acknowledges Democrats did when Republicans held the White House.

So, we don’t know what the results will be November 8. We do know that even if pro-abortionists like McCartney are largely crying wolf, they are plenty worried.

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