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Study of Armenian Women Shows Increased Breast Cancer Risk for those who have aborted

by | Nov 30, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Dr. Joel Brind

In one sense, what’s new? Still another study, this one out of Armenia, finds a nearly three-fold increased breast cancer risk for women who have undergone one induced abortion and the usual suspects say it’s all hooey.

But what’s “new” is that the studies keep rolling in, conclusively demonstrating that the ABC (abortion and breast cancer) link really exists. For a thorough list of the studies that document the connection, going all the way back to 1957, go to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, specifically

The study, “Influence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Prolonged Estrogen Exposure on Risk of Breast Cancer Among Women in Armenia,” was led by Lilit Khachatryan of the Department of Public Health at the American University of Armenia and included researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Robert Scharpf) and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Sarah Kagan). A 2.86 fold increased risk is statistical significant, not some mathematical artifice.

But as is so often the case with these studies, the authors attempt mightily to excuse  away or at least minimize their own findings. (You can find the study at

For example, Khachatryan’s team flatly states, “Most evidence (of an abortion-breast cancer link)…points to no effect.” This is simply false, as Dr. Joel Brind, writing in National Right to Life News, has explained over and over and over again. In fact since 1957, 51 of 68 epidemiological studies have reported an ABC link.

Besides stating a patent untruth, Khachatryan’s team invokes the other tactic most commonly used to explain away the connection: invoking “recall bias.”  This bizarre notion argues that the only reason that women who have had abortions have a higher incidence of breast cancer is that more women with breast cancer accurately report their past abortions than do healthy women. It is worth noting that Khachatryan’s team offers no citation, almost as if none were needed!

In a press release issued by the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer,  Karen Malec pointed to sources that are not pro-life to document that induced abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer and that recall bias is just a tool pro-abortionists employ.

“National Cancer Institute (NCI) branch chief Dr. Louise Brinton and her colleagues admitted in a 2009 study led by Jessica Dolle that abortion raises risk. They demonstrated that they know recall bias is a red herring used to prop up abortion. After Brinton and the NCI told women during the agency’s 2003 workshop to disregard retrospective studies because they were flawed due to recall bias, Brinton and Jessica Dolle and their colleagues subsequently used supposedly ‘flawed’ data from their group’s 1994 and 1996 studies for their 2009 study.

“Dr. Brind concluded that Khachatryan’s team ‘did not–and perhaps were not allowed to–characterize their findings honestly in the politically correct atmosphere of the U.S. and Europe. The good news is that they were able to report their findings in a prominent peer-reviewed journal at all.’”

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