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by | Dec 15, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Today is December 14, and your life is like most people’s, you will be in full gift-giving mode for the next week and a half. I’d like our readers to consider giving a gift subscription to National Right to Life News as a Christmas gift, a gift that will keep giving year-round.

By now some of you have already received the latest edition of the “Pro-Life Newspaper of Record.” Others will find our newspaper in their mailbox over the next week. (The avalanche of Christmas mail slows down delivery.)

If you click here, a gift subscription form will pop up. Let me offer two quick reasons why you ought to give a subscription to your pro-life family members, friends, colleagues, and minister/priest.

For over 38 years pro-lifers from Maine to California and Washington to Florida have turned to National Right to Life News for the most in-depth instruction on how to fight the abortion and euthanasia juggernauts. Readers expect us to keep them up to speed on everything from embryonic stem cells to state legislation to Supreme Court nominees to presidential elections with accuracy and comprehensiveness. NRL News’s unparalleled coverage provides the latest on the issues that matter most to pro-lifers.

But beyond all this why do over 360,000 readers walk to the mailbox and eagerly pull out their copy of National Right to Life News? President Obama is adept at verbally soft-pedaling his extremist pro-abortion views, which means that more than ever, pro-lifers must be able to explain to their fellow citizens what lies behind the misinformation a compliant media puts out about their champion. NRL News is the starting point for those who want not only to debunk the latest Obama rationalizations but who also long to read an intelligent presentation of the pro-life side in the debate over the life issues.

A gift subscription is only $10, which is $6 off the customary price. I hope you will take advantage of this bargain by either downloading the form at and sending it to

National  Right to Life News
512 10th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

or (for faster service) by calling us at 202-626-8828 and using your credit card.

Don’t delay. Thank you so much!

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