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A Foundation that Says “Yes” to Life

by | Dec 30, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Kathryn Jean Lopez is editor-at-large of National Review Online and a nationally syndicated columnist. Whenever you see her name on a column—especially when the title of the piece is “Saying Yes to Life”—you can be sure you will be educated, enriched, and come away with your pro-life batteries recharged.

A friend forwarded me Lopez’s column that ran today at It is the story of four maternity homes run by the Paul Stefan Foundation in my state of Virginia, named after a baby who lived less than an hour.

The loving core of the column is how Randy and Evelyn James turned that tragedy—“Paul Stefan James lived for only forty-two minutes, with a heartbeat, but never taking a breath”–into a triumph for women facing crisis pregnancies. The obstacles these women faced will be familiar to anyone who has ever worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Center or know someone who has needed a CPC’s help.

As Lopez explains, “Frequently these young mothers have been ‘abandoned by those who love them the most,’ Evelyn notes. Taking baby steps, guided by a loving hand, will get them moving forward.”

Shama Khan is one of the mothers “who have called a Paul Stefan home her temporary residence,” Lopez writes. Khan’s case “is an example of the Paul Stefan Foundation’s flexibility, working with women where they are, making the world they find themselves in welcoming to their choice to embrace their child’s life – either to care for them at one of the foundation’s own facilities, or to put them in a loving family’s arms.”

Looking at the wonderful outcomes of women like Shama Khan, Randy says that although “People say miracles don’t happen,” he “feels like he is living one.”

However that “obviously does not mean he has an easy life or is without suffering,” Lopez explains. And that begins with their son, Paul, who when the doctor told them that Evelyn was carrying a baby who would be “incompatible with life,” suggested they abort.

“But they wouldn’t, and Randy says that ‘yes’ to life put them on a path through a whole series of life-saving yeses.”

This is a great column that you read in its entirety at

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