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Eight “Easy Steps” that Allow Pro-abortionists to Hide the Truth

by | Dec 16, 2011

By Dave Andrusko 

No week at National Right to Life News Today would be complete without citing at least one “turkey” from the pro-abortion side, some utterance so preposterous it makes your jaw drop. Only Planned Parenthood (of New York City, in this case) could come up “Talking Turkey: 8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table.”

The premise is that holidays are stressful (true enough) but what happens if one of those wild-eye pro-lifers sits down around the family table? Well, here are eight helpful hints, from the pro-abortion side.

Some are perfectly acceptable, whether you are pro- or anti-life. Know your facts and your position, for example.

The key, for PPFA of New York, is #5 “Learn to diffuse.“ It is quite true that some dimensions of the issues are more important than others. But the example used in #5  (about tax dollars paying for abortion) is factually wrong, and is then used as a way of segueing into a statement that she believes everyone would agree with, but wouldn’t.

I take that back. #6 is more important—“It’s all in how you frame it.” By that they go back to #1 in which they advise no bumper-sticker slogan thinking, which sounds fine except how much more bumper-sticker can you get than “talking about an individual woman making a personal decision”?

What is this  threadbare cliche really intended to do? Avoid the truth that: the hands of abortion advocates are constantly in the government cashbox; they never tire of trying to take away the conscience rights of pro-life health providers; and they fight even the most minimal—and commonsense—limitation on abortion.

Agreed: never fight over Christmas dinner. But don’t lie and evade and massage the truth, either.

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