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Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Arm Hammers Gingrich for his pro-life positions

by | Dec 8, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life former Speaker Newt Gingrich

POLITICO’s Mike Allen wrote a piece today titled, “Why Newt’s surge is for real.” His analysis is worth thinking through.

But before going through Allen’s explanation of the “six reasons he could win,” there is another clear sign that pro-life former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s resurgence is for real: Planned Parenthood’s political arm is tearing into him.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has launched what it calls the “Women Are Watching” political action campaign. On that site we read a new piece that begins with a sarcastic headline (“Newt Gingrich: Newly Minted Featured Chump”) and an equally derisive first few paragraphs. But then gets serious.

There is a two-fold bottom line: “During his 20-year stint in Congress, Newt Gingrich earned his anti-women’s health stripes.” Gingrich was “wrong” 97% of the time. But that was then….

“If anything, Gingrich’s position on women’s health has gotten WORSE since he left office in 1999,” we’re told. Good news.

Speaker Gingrich’s positions, along with those of the seven other pro-life GOP presidential candidates and pro-abortion President Barack Obama, can be found at

Currently Gingrich and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are the clear frontrunners for the GOP presidential nomination. With the Iowa caucuses less than a month away (in which Rep. Ron Paul is polling third), Allen cites six reasons why Gingrich’s “gravity-defying comeback” could eventually result in his winning his party’s endorsement. 

As a Democratic-leaning publication, some “reasons” are (like “women are watching”) simply snide putdowns. The “six reasons he could win” include Gingrich’s intelligence, that he is gathering speed at just the right time (“Momentum will be his friend in the tightly spaced early contests — with the first four finishing on Jan 31”), his dominating performance at the GOP debates, and his determination/refusal to give in.

Having said all that, there is no reason to believe that the changes we’ve already witnesses in the standings of the Republican presidential candidates has ground to a halt. Gingrich may be leading in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida, but Romney is still ahead in New Hampshire.

Most important a sizeable percentage of Republicans likely to go to caucuses/primaries say they could still change their minds.

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