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Police Say Refusal to abort led to woman’s stabbing death

by | Dec 8, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Joseph Michael Devla

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has charged Joseph Mike Devla, of Houston, with capital murder in the death of Omoyeme Obehi Erazua who was pregnant when she was stabbed to death in August 2010.

Ms. Erazua was in her late first or early second trimester when she was fatally stabbed about twenty times in the neck.

Devia, 19, was arrested in the Chicago area this morning, according to  Jodi Silva, a spokeswoman for the Houston Police Department. Silva said Devia had enlisted in the Navy and was at a training area when he was taken into custody at the request of the Houston Police Department.

“The complaint states Devla knew Erazua was pregnant at the time of her death and DNA testing determined he appears to be the unborn child’s father,” according to Dale Lezon of the Houston Chronicle. The complaint says that investigators discovered records of calls and text messages between the two in a cell phone found in her purse. Not only did Devla believe he was the child’s father, but the messages “also indicate he wanted her to have an abortion, but she had refused.”

Devla denied knowing Erazua very well when he was interviewed last summer, according to the complaint. However he did tell investigators she had called him the night before her body was discovered, asking that he pick her up. When he arrived at the agreed up location, Devla told authorities he couldn’t find her.

“Police took a DNA sample from Devla,” Lezon reported. “When it was analyzed, the sample indicated blood found on clothes Erazua was wearing when her body was discovered appeared to match Devla’s, the complaint states. The sample also revealed that it was 99.9 percent certain he was the father of Erazua’s unborn boy.”

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