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PPFA Recycles Wretched “Choice on Earth” Slogan to Raise Money

by | Dec 9, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Bless his heart. Because John Jansen held his nose a few years back and signed up to received Planned Parenthood’s emails, we know that Cecile Richards’s crew is back in the business of turning “Peace on Earth” inside out. From a reminder of Christ’s birth we have instead a reminder that PPFA violently snuffed out the lives of 332,278 unborn babies in 2009. Ever in the business of building bigger and bigger megaclinics, PPFA replaces “visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads” with visions of dollar signs dancing over the bodily remains of mangled unborn children.

As Mr. Jensen points out (and which is borne out after about 20 seconds of reading “Choice on Earth”), this is just a fund-raising appeal. PPFA, we’re told, came under “the most vicious legislative assault this organization has ever seen.” But, behold, a secular miracle: the forces of darkness (that would be you and me) were held off. Now, just give us more money…

But the “Choice on Earth” fundraiser email is of a piece of the way PPFA sees the world. For example, what better use of the Christmas—strike that—holiday season than to throw a party at the largest abortion clinic in the United States, the 78,000 square foot facility in Houston?

I read that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, the River Oaks Area Democratic Women, the Texas Democratic Women of Harris County, and the Bay Area Association of Democratic Women are throwing their bash December 8 at the clinic that has an entire floor to perform abortions. Think about that for a second…and then try not to.

Jansen writes that he agrees (as would all pro-lifers) with Richards opening two sentences : “I’ve never had a year like this. None of us here at Planned Parenthood has.” Which is why there are many reasons for us to hope.

PPFA took a tremendous PR hit this year. Their squeaky-clean image went by the boards as investigators showed what really goes on behind closed doors at the largest abortion provider in the United States.

It’s been many years since the following first ran, back when Gloria Feldt, not Cecile Richards, was PPFA President. But what it says about PPFA’s peculiar ethical—dare I say spiritual?—sensitivities is as true now as it was then.


Holiday Cards, Poster Contests, and Other Travesties from Planned Parenthood: Tis the Season…for Cruelest Irony and Contradiction

By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D.
NRL-ETF Director of Education & Research

Planned Parenthood (PPFA) has long used cutting-edge marketing savvy to try and repackage the most abominable products. That’s how killing unborn babies became “choice” and how an organization supposedly devoted to “parenthood” became America’s leading abortion chain.

During the holiday season, you might have expected the public relations geniuses at Planned Parenthood to peddle penholders advertising the new abortion pill. Or one of those 365 day calendars complete with daily illustrations of the wit and wisdom (so to speak) of Margaret Sanger. But Planned Parenthood Christmas cards?

But that’s only the beginning. How about Planned Parenthood asking teens to get parental permission[!] to enter a poster contest celebrating Roe v. Wade? Or a Planned Parenthood ministerial advisor claiming Jesus was “pro-choice”? Even by PPFA standards, this is tastelessness squared.

For unto us a child is…?

The latest you-gotta-be-kidding endeavor is a holiday greeting card now being sold on Planned Parenthood’s web site. Against a winter blue backdrop with several large eight-pointed snowflakes or stars that look vaguely like variations on crosses from a Chrismon tree (traditionally decorated with white and gold symbols of the Christian faith) is the message “Choice on Earth.” The sentiment inside the card reads, “Warmest wishes for a peaceful holiday season.”

Planned Parenthood calls it “A very popular greeting card among America’s pro-choice majority for almost a decade” that “sends an inclusive seasonal message for people of all faiths.” [Of course, as always, PPFA’s “inclusiveness” does not include the unborn.] Planned Parenthood began selling the cards eight years ago, but has only recently made them available to the general public through its online gift shop. T-shirts brazened with the “Choice on Earth” design are also available for the discerning “pro-choice” shopper.

Obviously drawing the theme from Luke 2:14 where angels rejoicing over the birth of Christ proclaim, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men,” Planned Parenthood’s theme and campaign have offended not only Christians but caught the attention of influential media personalities.

Bill O’Reilly, host of the top-rated Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, said Jesus was not “pro-choice” and would find the card insulting. Joseph Farah, columnist and editor of WorldNetDaily, went further, illustrating how Planned Parenthood, with its unrelenting promotion and performance of abortion, has more in common with Herod and his slaughter of the innocents than it does with the angels.

If a woman in Mary’s situation had shown up on Planned Parenthood’s doorstep 2,000 years ago, Farah said, there is little doubt she would have been counseled “to destroy her unborn child — the Savior of humanity.”

But, evidently, critics have missed the boat – – Planned Parenthood insists it is not mocking the sacred but celebrating it. In a letter to O’Reilly, Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt reaffirmed “the sacredness of choice.” This, she said, “represents belief in every individual’s human and civil right to make our own personal decisions about whether and when to become a parent so that we all can experience the great blessings of motherhood and fatherhood in freedom.”

If that weren’t enough to get your blood boiling, Feldt included a letter from Reverend Mark Bigelow, pastor of the Congregational Church of Huntington, New York, and a member of Planned Parenthood’s Clergy Advisory Board. Rev. Bigelow defended the greeting card, maintaining that “the card in no way mocks Christianity.”

“One thing I know from the Bible,” he wrote, “is that Jesus never said a word against women having a choice in continuing a pregnancy.[H]is compassionate stance toward all individuals causes me to believe that he would want us to do what we can to ensure that women have full access to all necessary medical care in order to have happy and healthy families. Jesus was for peace on earth, justice on earth, compassion on earth, mercy on earth, and choice on earth.”

How the killing of nearly 200,000 innocent babies at Planned Parenthood clinics each year qualifies as justice, compassion, or mercy, Bigelow does not say. Nor does Bigelow comment on the words of Jesus: “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” And then, of course, there is that whole “Thou shalt not kill” thing.

Poster Children for Parental Consent

Irony gives way to outright schizophrenia in another of Planned Parenthood’s outreach efforts. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in 1973, Planned Parenthood is promoting a poster contest on its Teenwire web site. That part is unremarkable, except for the idea that that day can be looked upon as anything but a very sad tragedy.

What is astounding, though, is that the same Planned Parenthood which bitterly challenges all parental involvement laws and tells teens on this same web site how they can avoid letting their parents know they’re having an abortion, actually tells kids under 18 that they need to get a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to enter the contest! No parental permission needed for major surgery, but make sure you get official clearance from your mom if you want to do a poster about it.

A spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood acted as if there were no contradiction. According to Jessica Oski, the permission form is meant for copyright purposes, so that Planned Parenthood can utilize the artwork in its promotions without running into any legal issues. “It has absolutely nothing to do with access to safe and confidential health care and the reproductive rights of women,” Oski said.

This begs the question, however, of why parents are needed to guide a minor in choices about copyright issues but not needed when it comes to life or death medical decisions. Why doesn’t Planned Parenthood lead the fight to leave these copyright decisions up to the kids? Come to think of it, why doesn’t PPFA tell teens who want to be in the contest how to obtain a judicial bypass?

But the interest, it would seem, is not in the rights or safety of minors, but in their money. Featuring them and their artwork on the web site helps business by promoting the image of Planned Parenthood as in tune with teen culture. This is why Planned Parenthood is anxious to get its “educators” in the schools, and why Planned Parenthood constantly angles for increased visibility and acceptance in the local community.

Exposing the Deeds of Darkness

Morally tin-eared, Planned Parenthood naturally mangles the true meaning of Christmas at the same time it unconsciously exposes the illogic that underpins its peculiarly unloving message to young people. But as the tide turns – – as it so clearly is – – many who once lived in darkness have seen a great light, exposing not only the folly of Planned Parenthood, but also its true character and agenda.

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