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Restive Electorate Says Obama Should Not be Re-elected, Gallup Reports

by | Dec 10, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

On the eve of an important GOP debate among presidential contenders in Iowa,  Gallup released a poll today showing not only that three out of four register voters say most lawmakers “do not deserve to be-re-elected” but also that 55% say pro-abortion President Barack Obama does not deserve re-election to only 43% who say he does.

The amusing sub-headline for the President’s situation is not that a strong majority says he does not deserve a second term but that “More Than 4 in 10 Say Obama Deserves Re-Election.”

Gallup’s Frank Newport writes of the poll that

“Obama’s overall job approval rating in this Nov. 28-Dec. 1 survey is 43%, identical to his re-elect percentage. Gallup trends show that incumbent presidents since World War II who won their re-election bids had 48% or higher job approval ratings in the last Gallup rating before the election. Obama is thus currently below the historical threshold.”

The previous high for voters saying that most members of Congress “do not deserve to be re-elected” was 70%  in August. The latest figure is up 6% to 76%.

Newport explains that this finding

“add[s] to the broad negativity toward Congress Americans have expressed this year. These include historically low congressional job approval ratings, low ratings of confidence in the legislative branch of government, and low ratings of confidence in Congress as an institution.”

Feelings toward their own Member of Congress are better. According to Gallup, 39% said the representative from their own congressional district should not be reelected, as opposed to 53% who said their representative should be.

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