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The Letter

by | Dec 30, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Over the years I’ve been alerted to many of the best educational resources by readers of National Right to Life News and National Right to Life News Today. Today’s example is found on YouTube: “The Letter—a Short  Film.”

The film is the work of a high school student, using the text of an actual letter written by a post-abortive woman to her unborn child on the tenth anniversary of her child’s death (!) The letter by a woman who was 18 at the time and three months pregnant.


As I watched the film, I couldn’t help thinking: What is our task if not to help women who realize there ARE alternatives (as this woman did) but who are too scared to think straight?

The film/letter begins with four soul-chilling sentences. There are drawn out pauses in between, as if the woman is trying to unload a burden that has crushed her for a decade by explaining her actions to her child and asking the baby’s forgiveness:

“My dearest Child. Ten years ago yesterday I carried you beneath my heart. Ten years ago today I stopped the beating of your heart. I, your mother, the one who gave you life, also gave you death.”

The six minute, eleven second film is so moving, so overwhelming I do not want to spoil its power by revealing too much. Let me just make two quick observations.

Thinking back, the woman remembers the casual banter in the abortion clinic. She recalls the nurses “talking about coworkers’ new cars and clothes” just after her baby has been destroyed. And why not? This is just a job to them, “making a living by destroying the living.”

However she does not use their indifference to mask her own responsibility. After writing that she was “still a child myself” and “wasn’t ready to be a mother,” she acknowledges to her baby (and herself) that  “But what I didn’t realize was I already was a mother.”

My only other comment is that after writing that she has not forgiven herself, she wonders if her baby has forgiven her, or if God has forgiven her. I am no counselor or therapist or pastor, but I’ve dealt with enough post-abortive women to know that it is very, very difficult to them to forgive themselves if they believe—falsely—that God will not forgive them if they ask for forgiveness.

Take six minutes and eleven seconds out and go to!. This will remind you again why abortion not only destroys unborn children but maims their mothers.

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