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What’s Airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “The Year in Review: Pro-Life Angels”

by | Dec 29, 2011

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life convert Dr. Bernard Nathanson

National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias, continues her annual end-of-the-year review at all things pro-life. After celebrating pro-life victories in Congress and the states, today Mrs. Tobias talks about pro-life champions we lost this year—“pro-life angels.”

She begins with Carol Franz, a cancer-survivor thanks to having received an adult stem cell transplant. She became an outspoken advocate for life, speaking against embryo-killing stem cell research while arguing, from a very personal perspective, for the benefits of ethical stem cell research. 

Mrs. Tobias recalls the time Carol met pro-life President George W. Bush. At a 2007 East Room ceremony vetoing legislation to expand federal funding of embryo-killing stem cell research, the President remarked, “I’m also up here with Carol Franz; she has whipped cancer twice by using stem cells.  In other words, adult stem cells saved her life. She’s a determined woman who believes strongly that there are different alternatives available to use…other than those which are created as a result of the destruction of human life.”

In February, we lost our friend Dr. Bernard Nathanson. “Originally a co-founder of the pro-abortion organization NARAL, Dr. Nathanson was, in the early 1970s, director of the largest abortion facility in the world, New York’s Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health,” Mrs. Tobias recounts. Then beginning with his hugely influential 1979 book, “Aborting America,” Dr. Nathanson began his journey into the Right to Life Movement.

His insider’s account of those early days helped the public learn how he and others cynically fabricated and exaggerated statistics about the number of abortions and the number of deaths from illegal abortions at the same time they consciously adopted a strategy of vilifying the Catholic Church hierarchy.

In 1984 Dr. Nathanson unveiled “The Silent Scream,” a mesmerizingly powerful video which shows sonogram images of an unborn child frantically trying to avoid the abortionist’s instruments. Former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey, told TIME Magazine at the time that the film represented “A high technology Uncle Tom’s Cabin, arousing public opinion just as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 antislavery novel ignited the abolitionist movement.” The importance of this video and a subsequent video cannot be overstated.

Mrs. Tobias ends today’s episode by remarking that “While we have lost these dedicated friends and colleagues in our daily fight to protect life, there is great comfort in knowing that the memory of these pro-life heroes inspires us and lifts us up in our work on behalf of God’s most vulnerable children.”

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