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A Sense of Urgency

by | Jan 18, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

I try to end as many editions of National Right to Life News Today as I can with something visual, or at least something that makes the reader visualize. Let me offer two suggestions for today.

The first is a YouTube video. Nothing elaborate but, in my opinion, positively arresting. Check it out and then come back….


What do you think? When we were having kids, I’m not sure a Doppler measurement of fetal heart beat was even available.

As the lady who put this up on YouTube reminds us, she found her baby’s heartbeat at eight weeks and two days. “It just keeps getting stronger,” she writes. “I’m due June 10 2011.”

And the sound of the baby’s heart is strong. That youngster is real in a way that is hard to match.

The other example is a webpage I can’t find right now. But it’s ingenious. You know when making a point about the growth in the federal debt, sometimes cable television will show you the National Debt Clock. The constant, rapid-fire movement/growth as the numbers whirl by makes this abstraction dramatically real.

In that same vein, when you click on this pro-life website, there is a clock off to the left (as I remember) with the seconds ticking off a tenth of a second at a time. On the upper right is a figure– the number of unborn babies who have died during the time you were on that site!

If that doesn’t give me a sense of urgency, I’m not sure what would!

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